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Beau and the Beast by Kay Simone

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / May/December / Romance / Curses / Fairy Tales / Magic
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 14-April-2018

Book Blurb

Can beauty really tame a beast?

For ten years, former Wall Street executive Wolfram—along with his staff—has been magically imprisoned in his midtown penthouse after his firm pissed off the wrong witch. Now, only one thing can free him from the curse. 

Unfortunately, they're not sure what that one thing is.

But mercy for the man with none, he still can be released:
Light can lift his shadowed soul when beauty frees the beast.

When a young reporter named Beau accidentally stumbles into their midst, the staff thinks he might be the answer to the witch's riddle—if only they can convince him to stay.

Beau has his doubts when he’s asked to write the mysterious billionaire’s biography, but he can’t say no to the huge sum of money being offered. Resigned to his fate, Wolfram hates the idea of a stranger intruding in his life. 

What neither man expects is the deep connection that forms between them. As they work together, Wolfram and Beau forge a passionate bond that threatens to boil over into something more.

The only problem? Thanks to the curse, Wolfram is a seven-foot-tall monster with eight weeks left to live unless the spell is broken.

Can Beau save a love he’s only just found, or is it too late for one man to set Wolfram free?


Author's Note: Beau and the Beast is a steamy, contemporary gay May-December romance set in the real world with some magical themes and an HEA.

Book Review

As fairy tales go, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is certainly one of my more favorites (and my second favorite Disney animated movie), so the idea of a gay, urban fantasy take on the centuries old tale sounded wonderful. Beau is a young reporter trying to make ends meet while caring for his younger brother. Wolfram, once a man suffocating in a world of greed and unscrupulousness, is angry, filled with hate, and now trapped in a beastly form with time running out. Pair them with fabulous secondary characters made up of Wolfram’s top executives who are stuck within the curse and in the penthouse with him, and I was eagerly turning the pages to see how the story would unfold, and where the author was going to take me.

“He’d been waiting his whole life for a moment like this and finally, illogically, in the penthouse of 330 West in the nicest neighborhood of New Whitby, Beau the orphan, Beau the reporter, Beau the man who refused to compromise for anything, was finally about to do something extraordinary.”

In an unusual and kind of funny twist of circumstances, Beau ends up agreeing to write Wolfram’s biography for $50 million which Wolfram’s staff is sure is the way to break the curse. The decision is made once they realize Beau is a reporter and in French his name means handsome or beautiful, thus he must be the beauty spoken of in the poem the witch left Wolfram. Wolfram refuses to let Beau know about the magicked watch the witch gave him which counts down the days until the curse ends, Wolfram dies, and none of them have a clue what will happen to the staff at that time.

“The curse had forced Wolfram to look inward, to find out what he could do to become a better man. But meeting Beau, he realized, had changed his perspective on everything.”

I’m not going to go into the details of Beau and Wolfram slowly becoming friends and then falling in love. Believe me when I say it’s beautifully written and had me sighing more than once. Much like the familiar fairy tale we all know, there is an ex-suitor of Beau’s, who along with his younger brother begins looking into Beau’s disappearance. Beau called his brother Noah and told him he was taking this job to write a biography and he would be out of touch but when Lincoln starts Noah worrying that Beau is in some kind of serious trouble - well, I thought I knew where the story was going to go but I was thrilled the author didn’t make anything predictable.

I fell in love with so many characters in this novel. Beau and Wolfram were unbelievable and their love story, the one written in this book, is definitely for the ages. It made me laugh and it made me cry. I loved how the author took the gist of the original tale and made it hers, made it something amazing for the male/male romance genre. The ending couldn’t have been more fantastic and completely unpredictable - loved it! ‘Beau and the Beast’ is definitely going into my to-be-reread shelf. I highly recommend this book!





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