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Ashland (WereWolf Fight League 2) by Lynn Lorenz at Hartwood Publishing

Genre Gay / Futuristic / Paranormal / Shifters / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 18-July-2019

Book Blurb

Dan Stoltz has worked for years under his mentor, Murphy, to train sparring werewolves for the WWFL. Finally ready to start his own business, he takes the money he's saved, buys a license to train, and goes to the slave auction house to buy his first fighter.

Ashland's owner has lost him for failure to pay back taxes, and he's up on the auction block. His former master abused him, underfed him, didn't put him in fights or keep up with his training, and he's not in the best shape.

When Dan sets his sights elsewhere, Murphy insists Ash is the better choice, and so, against his better judgment, Dan purchases Ash. Ash might not look like much at first, but as they work together, Ash looks stronger every day. Now it seems Dan might get a higher return on his investment than he ever could have expected, because he discovers that he burns with desire for his slave, and Ash might just feel the same.


First edition published by Loose Id, November 2013.

Book Review

As intense as 'Tor', the first book in the world of the WereWolf Fight League, or WWFL, was, this second one adds a somewhat different angle – and that made it almost more gripping for me. Tor and Jin in book one are both slaves (who reappear here), and their love faces the challenges and constant threats of any fighting werewolf: if Tor loses, Jin goes to the challenger. And when he does and dies, watching Tor deal with it and find love again with Sky was heartbreaking enough. In this second volume, Dan, a master, and his new slave Ashland face the fact there are feelings between them. Not a problem, you say? Well, it is an issue because Ashland has been horribly abused by his previous master, and Dan swears he will never touch him sexually.

Dan is a principled man who has just started out his own business, providing sparring partners for the fighters so they can train. Ashland is his first slave. Dan is not in favor of the slave system, but there are too many economic interests tied up in it for any one man to stand a chance going up against it. Within that framework, he does what he can to keep Ashland as comfortable as possible. Having sex with a man who has no choice but to obey (since even raping a slave is legal) is not on Dan's to do list. He is, however, extremely attracted to Ashland and ends up fighting his feelings with everything in him.

Ashland broke my heart. He's had nothing but abuse in his life, separated from his mother at three months of age and trained to fight in horrible conditions. The owner who lost him because he wasn't able to pay his taxes was too cruel for words, and Ashland assumes everyone is like that. He has absolutely no hope it will get better. All he dreams about is enough food (the previous guy tried to starve him), and maybe some decent accommodations. Dan's treatment floors him. Every little thing Dan does for him is a surprise, and he is so grateful that he embarrasses Dan. After a while he gives up on his fantasy of Dan loving him back, deciding he's just not worth it. That and many of the tender scenes between the two men made me cry! 

It takes the threat of Ashland having to return to the previous owner for Dan to admit his feelings, but by then it might be too late. The tension ratchets up to almost unbearable levels, and the desperation both men feel had me almost hyperventilating. Absolutely stunning! If you are looking for a sweet romance or an entertaining read, this is not it. But if you're ready to be put through an emotional wringer, making for a very touching, if somewhat gritty, love story, you might like this novel. It is so worth it if you’re looking for emotional depth and an unusual storyline.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 127 pages/43000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 26-March-2019
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