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Apocalyptic Thrills (Kassia 2) by Trista Kerne

Genre Bisexual / Contemporary / Menage MFF / Romance
Reviewed by jj on 19-March-2017

Book Blurb

How would you react if news suddenly came out about an earth-endangering comet on the way... oh let's say in about six months or so until impact? Would you go on as usual and wait to make sure that it was true? Perhaps you'd feel inclined to forget about any long-term plans and instead focus on enjoying the time left...

Author Trista has created a realistic cast of characters forced to deal with an uncertain future. The action is based in a large American city and portrayed through the eyes of 23 year old Kassia. As she becomes more aware of the possible consequences (of the comet's antics), Kassia decides to toss caution out the window as she explores new thrills such as exhibitionism (and bisexual explorations) with her friend Jen and friends at the restaurant where she is employed. Kassia's loyalty to her true core values gets tested as temptations surface.
Above and beyond the confusion and pleasures (experienced by Kassia), Trista Kerne's novel reads like a survival manual. A treasure trove of valuable ideas about how to possibly survive Armageddon! 

Although there are erotic scenes, you will NOT find vulgar language, abuse or violence anywhere in this exciting series!

Book Review

Oh no! The book ended too soon. Now I can only pray for a third book in the series.

This story picks up almost immediately where 'Window Thrills' left off. This novella, though longer than the first, was an even quicker read for me. The antics were more amazing, leaving me hot and bothered, hysterically amused, and wishing the core cast of characters were my best friends and lovers.

Kassia is once again the central character. She continues to be amazed at how sexy folks find her and proceeds to become a more brazen exhibitionist. Everyone seems to love her and she is very loving in return. I love her to pieces.

Jason is more than a knight in shining armor and is thoroughly smitten with Kassia. He is also privy to some incredible information about the upcoming crisis involving a comet call Ghubb. However, it is his tender and utter devotion to the one he believes is his soul mate, Kassia, that was the most endearing of all.
Jen is still in the picture and has been totally taken under Kassia’s wing. Jen needs protection and Kassia comes to her rescue again and again. Kassia also convinces Jason to bring Jen within their fold. Jen will survive with such friends and lovers. I was pleased.

After a little bit of transition in the beginning, this book is a non-stop hoot and a half as the world barrels potentially towards complete annihilation. Kassia is clued in to the “I have to get all my pleasure now” way of living and that skyrockets her sexual barometer to near breaking point. She is clearly capable of being in love with men and woman individually or together and seems to be entirely without inhibition. The “arm sex” episodes were delightful and just perfect.

"What a charmer" is the least I can say. It would be very helpful to read the first book, but not essential. My only disclaimer is that I was a bit crestfallen that the second book ended so soon. Take a chance on these “Thrills” books and I do hope you will not be disappointed. 





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 209 pages
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Publication Date 03-January-2014
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