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Angel Heart (Angel 2) by Sharon Maria Bidwell at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 12-December-2017

Book Blurb

Last year, Dean Chapman fell in love ... with another man. He’s fallen for childhood friend Jay Reid, and as Jay is a kind, loving soul, Dean knows he holds an angel’s heart in the palm of his hand.

Since they’ve moved in together, most of their friends and family have been supportive. But the one person who knows just how to wind him up, drop him down, and step all over him is the one woman who should be on their side -- Jay’s sister, April. Instead, she’s waiting for Dean to fail big time. He’s determined to prove her wrong, but only time can do that, and he isn’t the most patient of men.

Worse, sometimes Dean fears that, despite his resolve, he’ll lose the only person who has ever made his heart race. Jay should have someone who can love him completely, and give him everything he needs both emotionally and physically. If Dean wants to keep Jay, he has to give himself up to a gay relationship completely, which includes his heart and some rather intimate parts of his body.

Jay has total faith in his lover and patience ... plenty of patience. Dean needs time and Jay knows April isn’t helping, and she’s about to piss him off one last time. It’s their parents’ ruby wedding anniversary and they’re about to spend the night in a lovely country hotel. Both men are in for a few surprises, not least of which is the four-poster bed Jay’s parents have arranged for them. First there’s the church blessing to get through, people to meet, the peace to keep, dinner to eat, and an unexpected declaration of love, and that’s without throwing the strawberry lube Jay adores into the mix.

There’s a reason Dean calls his lover Angel, but Jay’s thoughts are far from angelic. Can he stop his sister from interfering with his love life? And remember to ask if Dean packed the strawberry lube for the weekend?

First edition published by Loose Id, 2007.

Book Review

This second part of Jay and Dean’s story takes place a year after they got together, and while it is clear to both of them that they are in a much-wanted committed relationship, there are still a lot of stumbling blocks they need to work on. The difference between sex and physical attraction on one hand, and love on the other is the focus of this book, and Jay and Derek’s journey along this road is not easy. Long separations for Jay’s job don’t help. Everyone’s expectations that “something will go wrong” – especially April’s – get in the way, and Dean faces self-doubt despite the fact that he is utterly determined to make his relationship with Jay work. As hard as Jay and Dean have had to work for their happy ending in book one, this second volume goes to show that it takes continuous dedication if they want to stay together.

Dean has come a long way, does not hesitate to let everyone know he is in a relationship with Jay, and is learning to deal with everyone’s expectations by doing only what he believes is right. But the deeper the relationship becomes, the more he recognizes that honesty with himself is not always easy. There are parts of life as a gay man that he had not expected, but keeping Jay happy is important enough for Dean to stay the course, never mind what it takes. And this time he faces an emotional battle that will decide whether he can admit to more than the physical side of his and Jay’s life together: can he let himself feel the love Jay deserves? Not an easy thing for Dean to do at all!

Jay is happy to be with Dean and has absolutely no doubts about his lover’s commitment. Some things might take a little longer for both of them to deal with, but with Jay’s “angelic” patience, he expects np major issues. As it turns out, most of Jay’s problems come from the fact that his sister, April, seems intent on seeing Dean fail – and that is not something Jay can tolerate. Seeing him deal with her and the effect she has on Dean - and ultimately Jay himself – was as fascinating as watching them get together in the first place.

If you like Jay and Dean and want to see more of their obstacle-riddled way to happiness, if the effect families can have on a relationship is something you are curious about, and if you’re looking for a read that is entertaining and stressful in turns, then you will probably like this novella. I am already looking forward to the new, third volume the author has come up with for this year’s holiday season.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 40869 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 18-March-2017
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