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Alpha's Submission (Irresistible Omegas Book 2) by Nora Phoenix

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / Doctors/Nurses/EMTs/Vets / Military/Former Military / MPreg / Menage MMMM / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 15-July-2019

Book Blurb

Can four men find love when old legends turn out to be real and enemies come at them from every side?

Lidon, Vieno, Palani, and Enar are finding their way in their relationship, but things are about to get a lot more complicated. New arrivals on the ranch bring new knowledge, and Lidon steps into a legendary identity, finding powers he never knew he had. 

But he’s not the only one who knows the old legends, and between his newfound powers and the conspiracy Palani uncovers, they’re making enemies left and right. When his mates and his home are threatened, Lidon takes a stand and vows to protect what’s his. But will it be enough?

Author's Note: This is not a stand-alone but continues the story from the first book. It ends with a HEA for our four men, but their storyline will continue in the next books as secondary characters.

Book Review

I couldn’t believe how spellbound I continued to be with this second book in the ‘Irresistible Omegas’ series. The author has really written a compelling world plus fascinating characters to inhabit it, and I found myself sneaking time to read as I was working on a deadline on another project. I can’t emphasize enough that these books are not standalones and should be read in order. With that said, I’m not going to reiterate any of the background on this world that I covered in my review of book one, as I’d much rather talk about this wonderful read.

I loved it that this book continued the story of Lidon, Enar, Palani, and Vieno. These men have truly committed to one another and Lidon is ecstatic to have three mates that he can care for, protect, and love. Vieno is extremely happy taking care of his men while Palani and Enar continue their work investigating the pharmaceutical company and its possible ties to the Melloni gene. In his investigation, Palani locates a family who have an exceptionally high number of male omegas having been born plus suicides of many of those same omegas shortly after they went through their first heat. It was very sad to see what these families have suffered but Palani and Enar, plus Dr. Melloni who discovered the gene, are able to put together some rather extraordinary facts. This information puts this foursome in someone’s sights and danger isn’t far behind.

With this danger comes a threat against Palani and a young beta by the name of Lucan. Lucan is a pharmacy tech who first spoke to Lidon about the drugs the omegas weren’t being able to get and his suspicions about doctors being bribed to not prescribe it. (I’m not going into detail here because I don’t want to give away too many spoilers.) With the danger looming, Lidon has Lucan and his father, Grayson, move to the ranch for security. Grayson is an alpha and a storyteller – he writes fiction based on the old wolfshifter legends – and he is the one to tell Lidon, Vieno, Palani, and Enar about the true alpha and true omega. It’s not too difficult to figure out why when Lidon’s uncle tells him more about his family history. Regardless, the most I can say is that this foursome is fulfilling history and what’s going to happen is as much a surprise to them as it is to me.

It’s a very good thing that Lidon’s fathers left him the family ranch and a lot of money when they died as it soon becomes apparent that Lidon’s “pack” is going to expand rather quickly. Omegas with the Melloni gene, of which there are many more than ever suspected, are going to need a safe place to stay as their heats (and the pheromones they emit during) make them irresistible to alphas, and even betas, leaving these young omegas vulnerable and at risk for rape and attack. With the economy struggling, Lidon realizes that he needs to fulfill his position by increasing his pack and becoming stronger, and this leads to him opening his ranch to his cousins and other family who are struggling and need safety and protection. To say Lidon’s head is spinning is a mild understatement.

I was just as thrilled with this story as the previous one and I can’t wait to jump right into book three. There is so much going on and the men are discovering that what Palani is investigating goes a lot higher than they originally believed. When I left them, Lidon and Palani had both been suspended from their jobs, while Enar’s clinic had been visited by men from the Health Department over a “complaint”. Vieno’s heat is coming and this time the men are aiming for a pregnancy because they feel sure that Vieno will produce the next alpha heir, one who will bring about great change in their world.

The next book will feature Lars, Enar’s beta brother, Sven, their omega adopted brother, and Grayson, the deliciously yummy older alpha, and I’m super excited to read more in this world. There is so much going on and I’m looking forward to seeing in what direction the author plans to go. I can’t recommend this book enough – it’ll keep you hooked!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 308 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 24-May-2018
Price $4.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback
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