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Alpha's Pride (Irresistible Omegas 4) by Nora Phoenix

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / MPreg / Shifters / Menage MMM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 19-July-2019

Book Blurb

Can a proud alpha, a strong beta, and a single dad omega figure out they belong together? 

Alpha Bray knows what he wants: a sweet, pliant omega who will bear him an alpha heir. But first, he wants to have fun. That's why hooking up with Kean is perfect, even if the beta doesn't come close to what Bray is usually attracted to. Kean wants more than sex, but Bray isn't interested. 

When single dad Ruari arrives on the PTP ranch with his baby, Kean breaks things off with Bray to pursue Ruari. Bray is hurt, but even more so when he discovers he and Ruari know each other...intimately. 

Bray, Kean, and Ruari try to figure out where they each fit as sparks fly, tempers rise, and a stubborn beta and an equally sassy omega prove to be more than a match for a slightly arrogant alpha. Meanwhile, they and their fellow pack members have to take a stand against a rising threat to the pack. When trouble comes, the pack fights back, but it won't come without a cost.

Author's Note: All books need to be read in order and are not stand alones. The love story between Bray, Kean, and Ruari ends on a soft cliffhanger in this book and will continue in the next book. 


Book Review

I’ll be honest and admit that part of my enthusiasm for jumping right into Bray, Kean, and Ruari’s story was seeing Bray get taken down a few notches. Don’t get me wrong, I like this alpha, but he might think he’s open to the advancement of omega rights and seeing more equality between alpha, beta, and omega… but he has still got some pretty big blinders on. Seeing as he’s Grayson’s oldest son and has been less than supportive about his dad’s relationship with Sven and Lars, I was hoping for some serious enlightenment and perhaps a chance for Grayson to say “I told you so.” I am greatly enjoying this series and super happy that I discovered it. Please take the author’s comment about reading these in order to heart, as I think confusion might reign otherwise.

Bray is an alpha, Grayson’s oldest son, and owns his own security firm. He is still young and has no interest in being attached to anyone or in a committed relationship at this point in his life. Lidon called him in back when the threats against Palani and Lucan first came about, so Bray has been through quite a lot at the ranch including the latest changes brought about by Lidon’s new ability to shift into his alpha wolf. Bray thinks he’s ready for the return to the old ways but he’s got some maturing to do. I’m not saying he’s a bad person. Not. At. All. When he almost attacked Sven when the young omega went into heat and Bray was completely at the mercy of the Melloni gene pheromones, Bray was (and still is) ashamed and mortified that he almost hurt this young man. Bray is a good man but he believes his life partner is going to be a sweet, quiet omega who will bear him alpha sons. I probably shouldn’t have been as eagerly anticipating the upheaval I knew Kean and Ruari were going to bring into his life… but sue me. I wanted the laugh.

Kean is Palani’s older beta brother and the two men share many personality traits. Kean is attracted to Bray from the get-go but it doesn’t take him long – after they’ve hooked up – to realize that Bray doesn’t view him as anything other than a sexual partner and Bray’s arrogance will never allow him to see Kean as anything other than that. This doesn’t stop Kean’s feelings and thoughts about the other man. Ruari’s appearance at the ranch, along with his young son, Jax, throws Kean for a loop as he finds himself very attracted to the young omega.

Ruari’s father is someone very powerful, someone Palani, Lidon, and Enar have been researching for a while, although none of this is known by any of the parties when Ruari first comes to the ranch. Ruari didn’t know he possessed the Melloni gene until he read the symptoms on Palani’s blog post and then a number of things in his past (including arguments he overheard between his parents) made a lot more sense. When Enar offers Ruari the opportunity to move to the ranch with Jax, he jumps at the chance as he’s running out of money and Ruari isn’t blind to his father’s reach. Hell, he’s been hiding from him for months now.

‘Alpha’s Pride’ was just as wonderful as I had anticipated and hoped for! Bray came around quite a bit on his own with only a few scenes of anyone “educating” him in regards to the error of his old-fashioned views. It was great watching him mature although I do believe he still has a little way to go. Kean and Ruari are amazing fated mates for him and each other. This is an alpha, beta, omega poly relationship I’m thrilled to see continue in the next book.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 328 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 13-October-2018
Price $4.99 ebook, $13.99 paperback
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