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A Tempting Passion (Metahuman Files 2.5) by Hailey Turner

Genre Gay / Science Fiction / Future Earth / Soldiers/Mercenaries / Psychic Powers / Erotic Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 12-February-2019

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While undercover in Monaco, Captain Jamie Callahan ensures this will be a Valentine's Day Staff Sergeant Kyle Brannigan won't ever forget.

Book Review

It was great fun to return to two of my favorite characters from the ‘Metahuman Files’ series in this almost-standalone short story about Kyle and Jamie’s first Valentine's Day celebration. They cannot be officially together because Jamie is Kyle’s boss at the Metahuman Defense Force (MDF), but they are (at this point in the series) undercover as a couple – and Jamie makes excellent use of this opportunity. The opulence of Monaco in the 2280s is probably about the same as it is today, but because the rest of the world has changed a lot due to the negative effects of climate change and political unrest, the contrast to “normal” people’s lives is even more noticeable.

Kyle and Jamie have a private bet going as to whether Kyle can win a poker tournament with Jamie’s insanely rich acquaintances, all proceeds going to a charity, of course. In line with the usual series subterfuge and mystery, these are not the stakes that matter to Kyle though – rather, it is Jamie’s promise of a Valentine’s Day he will never forget if he wins. Filled with heat and increasing sexual tension due to Jamie’s masterful control of exactly what Kyle is physically feeling throughout the tournament, this turned out to be a very passionate read indeed.

If you like this series and want to get another glimpse of Kyle and Jamie, if you are up for one of the hottest Valentine’s Days ever, and if you’re looking for a fun, free read that will have you reaching for a cold drink or two, then you will probably like this free short story.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story
Heat Level
Publication Date 08-February-2019
Price FREE
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