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A Song for His Heart by M.C. Roth at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Menage MMM / Erotic Romance / BDSM
Reviewed by Bob-O-Link on 28-September-2021

Book Blurb

It only takes one rock star to crash the perfect honeymoon, but it might take two to save it.

Ian and Trent’s honeymoon is supposed to be perfect, but before they even make it to Miami, Mac—Ian’s manager and best friend—is already interfering. As soon as the plane lands, Ian starts to drift away from Trent, falling back into his closeted habits and disappearing for days to record a new album, leaving Trent alone in an unfamiliar country.


Trent is at his breaking point when Ian tries to disappear again after three days away. He can’t be the househusband Ian obviously needs. Trent is ready to collect his bags and head back to the airport when he overhears Mac’s secret, which threatens to turn his life upside down.



Reader advisory: This book contains a fistfight precipitated by sexual assault/forced kiss, MMM relationships, alcohol consumption/intoxication and mentions of past alcohol abuse. It is best read as the sequel to 'The Drumbeat of His Heart'.


Book Review

If you ever felt as if you were losing it, then, welcome to my world. An old saw warned that excessive acts of self-pleasuring could lead to diminished acuity of eyesight. A corollary should posit that excessive reading of gay erotic lit may erode the memory. Case in point: reading M.C. Roth’s fun novel, ‘A Song for His Heart,’ made me feel as though some (non-essential) background facts were missing. Only then did I rediscover that last July, 2021, I’d previously read, reviewed and favored the predecessor volume for Rainbow Book Review. (For novices to this series, I highly recommend that review – while I won’t get royalties, I could use the good karma.) So –


The novel begins with an atmospheric setting, Trent and Ian flying to Miami for their honeymoon, the former nervous enough with the flight to adversely affect his tummy. Ian is quite noticeable – a big man, a drummer in a popular band, he’s bald but with tattoos on his scalp. It’s also clear that while Trent is aggressively out, Ian is carefully closeted and opposed to PDAs. Even their recent wedding was odd, Ian not having invited any of his friends or family. Trent should have been mindfully warned, much as forecast by the Robot in the 1960s Lost in Space: “Danger, Will Robinson!”


The main characters are so different, despite having found each other in the prior book. An example is Trent observing, when being shown the library in Ian’s house, that “You don’t read. I could hardly get you to sit still long enough to get through that magazine.”  Inapposites? Trent is Canadian, Ian is English. Trent is moderately refined, while Ian, despite his charm, is moderately boorish. Their idiosyncrasies are interesting. We learn, through acts of eroticism, of Trent’s several body piercings. The variety life views also lead to awareness that Ian’s “cock was a multi-national treasure” in which he has much pride, but also presents some big coital issues! After all, how many men have life-sized dildos modeled from their private parts?


The thrust of novel’s development is getting Ian and Trent to mesh as a married couple, including adjustments to their individual sexual needs and hang-ups. Therein lies much of the reader’s entertainment. The writing is imaginative, clever, and often stimulating. In essence this is a soap opera, ‘A Song for His Heart’ uses explicit sex and personal strife to engage the reader’s attention – and does it so very well that the absence of reality is easily forgiven. Ultimately, in introspective moments, the very nature of love is examined.


The novel offers a pleasant passage of time.




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 264 pages/78359 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 28-September-2021
Price $5.99 ebook, $12.50 paperback
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