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A Not-So-Indecent Proposal (Romance on the Go) by L.D. Blakeley at Evernight Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Ro on 14-September-2021

Book Blurb

Bram Wilson has snagged his ideal internship at an exciting new app development company. The only downside? It’s unpaid. And like any recent graduate, he’s in debt up to his eyeballs.

Spencer Kemp, CEO of AppMedica, is thrilled to have just scored his first viral sensation. Not-so-thrilling is the extra cash he needs to find to keep developing his popular game while it’s hot. Of course, there’s always the money his grandmother willed him as a wedding gift. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a boyfriend, never mind a husband.

Surely a solution can’t be that hard to find.


Book Review

The fake boyfriend/fake marriage trope is one of my favorites so I was excited for this. It started off good – Bram is working an unpaid internship at AppMedica, a company that specializes in medical apps. First confusion for me – do they work medical apps (as stated and as their name implies) or are they a gaming company? The viral sensation is Infernal Voyage, a game, not a medical app.  


Bram has a quick talk with Spencer Kemp, the CEO of the company, who is embarrassed to realize they don’t pay their interns. Vowing to make that change, Bram is excited to be offered a salary, followed by a permanent job at AppMedica working on Infernal Voyage. “I may be swimming in debt the rest of my natural life but I’m no longer the company bitch.” To fully take advantage of a viral game, however, Spencer needs a team and a server devoted to it and has to find the money for it.


This is where the story should have gotten great. Spencer had a bigoted grandmother who left him money tied with the string that he could only collect if he were married. Since gay marriage was not legal when she left him the money, it was a complete slap. Now, however, Spencer can get married and gain access to that money and that is where Bram comes in. Spencer offers him a strictly business arrangement to get married, have Bram’s student loans paid off, gain access to gramma dearest’s legacy, and further the company.


There are pieces left unexplained – grandmother didn’t want to leave him the money.  “Iris never had any intention of leaving that to me. It was something her husband requested in his will.” So was that not his grandfather?  


The plot goes from “it’s just business” to “let’s have sex” in the same day and the story ends abruptly.  No explanation of what happened with the money, the company, where Spencer and Bram are going, nothing. Sex and end, so it was disappointing for me. It’s a short story, so I would have appreciated less sex and more continuance of the plot.





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Additional Information

Format ebook
Length Short Story, 62 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 13-August-2021
Price $2.99 ebook
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