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T.A. Chase talks about 'Hearts on the Line' on 28-June-2016

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Hello everyone. Thank you so much for having me. I’m T.A. Chase and I write gay romance for Pride Publishing and various other publishers. My newest release, which is actually a re-release, is titled Hearts on the Line. It’s a sci-fi/futuristic story where my men are genetically modified soldiers.

It’s weird to be writing a blog post about them when I just finished a non-fiction book about what would happen if someone genetically modified the smallpox virus. Let me tell you, the thought of that happening is a scary one. We as humans aren’t really equipped to deal with the smallpox virus anymore, even with the vaccines we have.

We have to contemplate the fact that just because we can do, doesn’t mean we should. LOL
Now in Hearts, the GEs, or genetically engineered, soldiers were created so the Trues, humans who are born naturally, wouldn’t have to lose their lives in the war. GEs aren’t treated like humans because they were created in labs and were only meant to die.

Yet what happens when some of them decide that isn’t what they want? How do they break out to find their own happiness and lives somewhere they aren’t thought of as anything, not even animals. That’s what we get to find out in Hearts on the Line.

Addison was created to be a leader. He’s smarter than the others and is an officer in the army. Baxter was made to be cannon fodder. That was it. He’s the brawn to Addison’s brain. Yet Addison never treated him any different than he did the others. Falling in love was never their plan, but not even genetically modified creatures can fight the pull when it happens.

To be honest, I’d like to think we wouldn’t reach the point in the future where we decide to create beings so they can die instead of ‘real’ humans. Yet as humans, I think pushing the envelope in our DNA. We like to see how far we can go before nature strikes back, which is crazy, in my opinion. LOL

I chose to set it in the future during a war because I thought it would be the perfect moment for Addison and Baxter to realize they had more worth than dying for people who didn’t even see them as real. In the middle of a war zone, a lot of emotions that might be pushed aside during times of peace get amplified. It’s when a person begins to examine their life and decide whether the way they’re living is right for them or not.
Baxter and Addison find support and love with each other. They know there’s someone who will always have their back and follow them through hell if necessary.  Plus they find they have more friends than they thought. They begin a new adventure with each other, but first they have to free themselves of the past.
Thank you so much for having me today. I hope you decide to check Hearts on the Line out.

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