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Erin O’Quinn is my pen name for romance novels set in the time of St. Patrick–in the turbulent time of ca. 432-433 AD when Patrick had just been sent to Ireland by the Pontiff in Rome to convert the pagans of a land even the Romans had shunned.

Few romance authors have ventured to this dark ages era of Ireland. The clan names and interrelations are complex. The Brehon law that ruled the land for centuries is likewise convoluted and multifaceted, based more on cattle (it seems) than men. I was drawn to this time and place by the very knowledge that few people had written about the setting, and about the rough clansmen, cattle barons, druids and others who had held the Romans at bay for centuries.

My abiding interest in languages, especially my fascination with the sensuous-sounding Gaelic tongue, is reflected in my novels, as well as a love for mythology, folklore, flora/fauna and the arts martial.

I received a BA (English) and MA (Comp.Lit.) from the Univ. of So. Calif. I have only just begun to write novels, and I hope  I shall not stop soon.

Around the first of August, I started a companion blogsite devoted to my own and other authors’ manlove novels. I have so far posted  excerpts from my two M/M historicals, along with several striking photos and art pictures.You will find it at I will add more to this blog as time and material allow. Please feel free to “follow” one or both of my blogs by pressing the “following” button on the top of the page.

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