Benjamin Shepherd Quinones

YA Science Fiction Author

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I’m half Puerto Rican, 20 years old, and a student at Lehigh University where I study Psychology. From an early age, three things interested me most: science, writing, and science fiction. Some fringe interests include the color yellow, X-Men, Latin music and dancing, soccer, tennis, and any animal that is not a snake.

I’m also interested in battling homophobia.

With all this in mind (and then some), I wrote my first ever novel, The Gene Pull, during my freshman year of college in the school library as a more fun and culturally productive alternative to studying for my exams.

Currently, when I'm not living at school, I live in New Jersey with my loving parents, sister and two dogs. After I graduate, I plan to be a Counseling Psychologist and continue to pursue my writing career.


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